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Membership benefits are:

  1. You may attend, participate in, and make presentations at our annual conferences.
  2. You will be listed on the “Membership Directory” page of this website.
  3. You will be eligible to be listed on the “Axiological Service Provider” page of this website. Go to that page for information about additional requirements.
  4. Your dues payment covers a subscription to our JOURNAL OF FORMAL AXIOLOGY: THEORY AND PRACTICE, now available only on line through our “Members Only” page.
  5. You may use and do research in the Hartman Archives of the Special Collections Library at The University of Tennessee. Go to the “Research Topics” page for more information about the contents of these archives.
  6. You become a part of a network of scholars and consultants who can help you.

To become a new member of the Robert S. Hartman Institute, or to renew your membership, you need to  (1) complete our online membership process and (2) pay annual dues of $75.00 per year.

Any contact information changes occurring during the year  should  be sent to Darlene Clark at: